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KUBOTA B Series:
Ideal for multitude of tasks. Unmatched capabilities.
B Series is perfect for maintenance tasks
be it  weed removal, hormone spraying, plowing, mixing sugarcane residue or even land leveling. They are efficient and powerful with KUBOTA diesel engines which measure up to those of large-size tractors. They suit the needs of all  agricultural tasks.
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Model D1105-E2-D22T with E-TVCS technology
Fitted with 3-cylinder 1,123-cc diesel engine Model D1105-E2-D22T with E-TVCS technology, it provides high torque and maximum fuel efficiency.
Transmission system
Fitted with 9 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, the multiple gear ratios allow the operator to choose the right gear to operate a wide range of implements when working in varying terrains. It gives a maximum speed of 18.8 kph.
PTO control lever
The 2-speed PTO, 540 rpm and 960 rpm, allows the operator to choose the right speed to suit a wide range of applications. The 960 RPM speed ensures better soil pulverization.
Power steering integral type
The power steering integral type allows the operator in full control when driving and turning. A narrow turning radius of 2.1 metre also enables the operator to make reverse directions in limited space with ease.
Four-wheel drive system
traction force is increased with the four-wheel drive system. It minimizes the problem of sinking and wheel-slip during operations. A double seal system makes it perfect for working in low-lying water-clogged paddy fields.
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Overall width
With Overall width of 101.5 cm,
B2420 is ideal for working in furrows and Maintenance field in sugarcane farming.
Single-piece hood
It provides an easy access to engine parts for maintenance the radiator and air cleaner is much easier.
Spacious operating platform
With a 82.5 cm-wide operating platform, it is designed to enhance the operators comfort and reduce fatigue.
Adjustable seat
A cushion seat provides sitting comfort and helps absorb shocks when working in rough terrains. The seat can be adjusted up to three positions to accommodate the operators physique.